Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Cotton Beanie Number 4

Yarn: Mission Falls 1824 Cotton in Sky #403 and Jade #303; total weight 56.4 g.
Needles: 16" 3.75 mm. (US 5) Inox grey, 16" 4.5 mm. (US 7) Addi turbos and metal 4.5 mm. (US 7) dpns
Size: 72 stitches cast on, 17" circumference unstretched, 7 5/8" tall unstretched
Completed: 9/2/07
Made for Sand and Sea Knitting Guild Charitable Support (sidebar)

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Blogger CatBookMom said...

You're being productive, my friend. I've got a couple of posts up since Wednesday, and the stash is strewn across the living room, while the inventory process continues. I have assorted yarns that I am willing to give or sell on my Stash at Ravelry. If you want any of them LMK before next weekend; we're having a yarn sale.

9/14/2007 9:51 AM  

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