Monday, September 17, 2007

Ducks Above; Fish Below

For my first Dale of Norway baby sweater I am using the basic shape of the Pusekatt pullover (pattern 11405) in booklet number114 and have added a border from the Lighthouse sweater (pattern 5402) in booklet number 54. I revised the border pattern because (for some reason I cannot fathom) it was designed with the fish on top and the ducks below.

I'm using 6 colors of Baby Ull: light blue (5703) for the body; deep blue (5726) for the yoke, sleeves, and the sky behind the ducks; navy (5545) for the deep water, the sleeve edges, the button band edges and the dividing line between the body and the yoke; gold (2317) for the fish, turquoise (6714) for the shallow water and the hem, and yellow (2015) for the ducks.

This next photo shows the inside, including the bright turquoise hem. I began with a crocheted provisional cast on and smaller needles, knit the hem, knit one row in the main color, purled a turn row, and continued to knit. Somewhere in there I changed to the larger needles. When the body was as deep as the hem, I undid the provisional cast on and knit the hem to the body using K2tog. The row of K2tog stitches shows on the front but with all the wiggling babies do I think knitting the hem on rather than sewing it on is the better way to go.

Regrets--I forgot to knit in the baby's name and/or the date. I don't want to use duplicate stitch now but will try to remember to put some text in the next time. The sleeves and upper yoke are complete but not yet photographed.

Next I have to drag out the sewing machine and stablize the armholes before I cut them.

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