Friday, August 15, 2008

4 Corners Washcloth in Cornflower

Another completed item for this week. And another 4 Corners Washcloth.

Patterns: 4 Corners Dishcloth (at sidebar) using a cast on of 25 stitches
Yarn: Sugar n Cream in Cornflower Blue #00083, 70.5 g.
Needles: 5.0 mm. (US 8) Addi Turbo 16" circulars
Size: 12" by 12"
Notes: I used a provisional cast on and left a long tail at the center. After the washcloth was fully knit, I used the tail to graft the two sections together working from the center out to the edge. Before beginning the grafting, I passed the center stitch over the one next to it so that both needles would have 24 stitches. This is larger and has a looser fabric than the Patio Pinks one. The color is a true cornflower blue--not the wedgewood blue of the photo.

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