Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Jaywalkers Finally

I think these were destined to be WIPs forever. I started the first sock at least three times trying to get the size right and did three heels. I even broke a Brittany Birch dpn along the way just to add to my fun. Then I let the second languish before getting around to completing them.

Because of my narrow heel I'm not a big fan of flap heels on socks so I made these with a short row heel. The short bursts of color on the Lisa Souza yarn went perfectly with the short up and down sections of the sock.

Yarn: Sock! from Lisa Souza in mahogany, 84.2 g. total.
Needles:Inox dpns, 2.25 mm. (US 1) for the leg and foot, 2.0 mm. (US 0) for the heels and toes.
Pattern:Jaywalker from the incomparable Grumperina.
Size: To fit a woman's size 9.
Begun: 11/05
Completed: 11/07
Notes: I used a slipped stitch sole and a short row heel. I also made the toe boxier to fit my wide foot.

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