Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Red Half-Mitts

These are the Half-mitts from Twined Knitting. I started them last weekend and am thoroughly enjoying the process. They are being made in Dale of Norway
Falk in a bright red. Because the yarn in "s twist" instead of "z twist" I am twisting the new yarn under (rather than over) the old yarn to keep the working yarns from over twisting and kinking back on themselves.
The cuff was worked with 2.5 mm needles and the hand is being working with 3.25 mm. needles. I had to tweak the pattern a bit. Details will be in the final post.

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Blogger Ellen Bloom said...

I just love how you dive right into those complicated projects, Molly! Looking good.

6/05/2008 11:01 AM  
Blogger smariek said...

Lovely looking mitts! They'll definitely make an impact in red.

Every time I knit small circumferences using my 30" circs, they sometimes drive me nuts and I think I MUST get a collection of DPNs in various small sizes. Then maybe I'd knit more mitts and even try socks.

6/05/2008 5:41 PM  

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